Using the platform requires to handle several concepts : the processes, the skeletons, the modules and the models. Defining the processes, developping the modules (informatic representations of processes), and building models is made possible by means of several dedicated softwares. The set of these softwares is the « Sol Virtuel » platform. A detailed description of the various concepts is available in the following pages :

General outline

The following sketch summarizes the concepts and softwares of the platform. The concepts are portrayed by small hexagons and large buttons represents softwares handling the concepts.


  • A brief video resuming the philosophy of the platform and its concepts
  • Another video showing the creation of a process and its modules
  • A last video illustrating the creation of a model, a collection of modules.

A vertuous circle

The project team can back up users in their approach and use of the platform. However, the platform is designed to give scientists maximum independence in their activities.
Platform users are encouraged – but free – to share their contributions (updates , creations) with others platform users. Production of one user (modules for example) can be used by others and vice versa. Moreover, modules are used in models and this increases their value. An increasing number of users will certainly lead to a growing number of available processes, modules and models ; which in turn will make the platform more attractive. Similarly to what happens in the « free software » community, the expected result is to dynamize the exchanges and to favorive the scientific innovation by cross fertilisation of communities.

Modification date : 19 February 2024 | Publication date : 11 October 2013 | Redactor : the VSoil team