Technical news

You can find in this section new main features developed in the latest version of VSoil software suite. To see a more detailed information, you can take a look at the changelog file.

What's new in VSoil 20240206 (version from 6 February 2024)

  • On Linux only:
    • a button is now available in common introduction dialog box if a new version of VSoil is available;
    • user can choose VSoil repository branch (stable or testing version of VSoil).
  • Improve the support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) environment.
  • In vsoil-modules software:
    • add functions to define internode distances and compartment  sizes when using a dynamic mesh;
    • user source files can now be opened when using an external code editor.
  • Improve syntax highlighting in code editor for all languages (C++, Fortran, R).
  • User can choose different Singularity containers (remotely or locally).

What's new in VSoil 20230607 (version from 7 June 2023)

  • In the context of modules: molar masses are now calculated using a dedicated function available in the "utility" section of the code editor; a document template (LaTeX format) is available in the "auxiliary user documentation" section.
  • In the context of model execution: management of processor load and parallel computing has been improved on cluster; outputs can be saved after a change of day or year; geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude and time zone) can be specified.
  • In the context of statistical calculation: an "average run" option has been created; a level of log messages specific to R scripts has been added.

What's new in VSoil 20220810 (version from 10 August 2022)

  • Make official pesticide fate process.
  • Make official several modules: balance_batch_pest, CDE_OM_crop, CDE_PEST, etr_from_file, MIM_column, mulch_dyn_first_order, mulch_heat_bi, mulch_water_bi, pest_soil_two_sites and physico_equil_forced.
  • Make official batch_pesti_two_sites model which simulates batch laboratory experiments for pesticides fate.
  • Make official Rich_Clim model which simulates water flow with Richards equation.
  • Make official Rich_Clim_Heat_CD_OM model wich simulates water balance with the Richards equation, transport of dissolved species with the Convection-Dispersion Equation (CDE), soil temperature and organic matter transformations with the CANTIS module.
  • Make official Rich_Clim_Heat_CD_OM_crop model which simulates water balance with the Richards equation, transport of dissolved species with the Convection-Dispersion Equation (CDE), soil temperature, organic matter transformations with the CANTIS module, crop water uptake (Feddes), solute uptake by roots (Michaelis-Menten formulation) and crop development is imposed.
  • Make official pest_fate_in_column model which simulates the fate of pesticides molecules in a laboratory column.
  • In in-out tab from vsoil-processes, remove the "none-vector" location in profit of "none" and "single_or_array" attribute (which replaces the "vector" attribute).
  • In parameters tab from vsoil-modules, add a "conditional disabled" parameters mechanism.
  • Replace subroutine_succeeded variable by stop_simulation in "initialization", "compute", "interpolate outputs", "validate" and "end" sections of the code editor (default value is false).
  • Add a tool allowing to identify graphically differences between outputs of models.
  • Add the Sobol sensitivity method from R sensitivity package.
  • Add a free section to add the R source code of the user.
  • Add the normal distribution and the multisimulation option for the DreamZS parameter estimation method.

What's new in VSoil 20220127 (version from 27 January 2022)

  • Make official Rich_Clim_Heat_CD model which simulates water balance with the Richards equation, transport of dissolved species with the convection-dispersion equation (CDE) and soil temperature (no crop is taken into account).
  • Make official root_solute_uptake_Michaelis module which simulates solutes uptake by a root system according to a Michaels Menten kinetic.
  • Make official soil_structure_forced_v2 module which calculates the bulk density or the porosity.
  • Add the "none vector" location for in-outs (1D fixed size).
  • Replace subroutine_succedeed variable by reduce_dt in compute section of modules. Notice: the usage is inverted. The default value is now false and should be set to true to indicate that module wants to reduce time step dt.
  • Modules can now use external libraries Blas and Lapack on Windows.
  • Introduce "stop and resume" capability for models (beta version) which allows to stop a simulation and then restart it (output variables have been automatically saved at stop simulation time).
  • Add SCE-UA (Shuffle Complex Evolution) parameter optimization method (rtop package from R).
  • Add DreamZS parameter optimization method (BayesianTools package from R).
  • Enable parallel run for Morris method (sensitivity analysis).

What's new in VSoil 20210527 (version from 27 May 2021)

  • Make official several modules (CDE, CDE_kinb_sorp, CDE_OM, ...).
  • Make official example_for_modules_iterations model which is an example of using the iterations between modules feature.
  • Make official Python_example module which is an example of a C++ module running a Python script with an embedded Python interpreter.
  • Add the possibility to duplicate inputs/outputs.
  • Add physical subroutines to be used in Fortran modules.
  • Add an utility function calculating the 1D integral of the product of two functions (Fortran only).

What's new in VSoil 20210115 (version from 15 January 2021)

  • Make official batch_OM_NRM2001 model with its main module OM_NRM_2001_basic. It implements the organic matter transformation model described in the article "Nicolardot, B ., Recous, S., Mary B. 2001 Simulation of C and N mineralization during crop residue decomposition : A simple dynamic model based on the C:N ratio of the residues. Plant and Soil, 228: 83-103".
  • Make official PAH_fate_in_column model. It simulates the fate of PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) in a soil column with steady state flow. PAH species transport uses the convection-dispersion equation (CDE) coupled with the modules simulating the sorption, the degradation and the release of PAH from organic matter.
  • Introduce an external diff tool (Linux only) to compare modules source codes. The aim is to help comparing modules changes.
  • Add 3 biological functions (Andren, q10 and Vanthoff) available from modules (Fortran only).
  • Manage iterations between modules within a time step. The aim is to allow iterations between modules when they are strongly coupled by their inputs and outputs.

What's new in VSoil 20200907 (version from 7 September 2020)

  • Make official CDE_column model. It simulates solute transport in a soil column with a steady water flow. It can transport several species at a time. Sorption can only be simulated with the Local Equilibrium Assumption.
  • Make official PAH_fate_in_batch model. It simulates the fate of one PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) in a batch system.
  • Make official several modules: balance_batch_PAH, CD_LEA, mulch_dyn_CANTIS, OM_compost, organic_fert_compost, PAH_compost, PAH_DOC_degradation, PAH_sorption, sprink_solutes_file.

What's new in VSoil 20200609 (version from 9 June 2020)

  • Make official PolDoc model which simulates the transport of DOC and TOC in an unsaturated soil column.
  • Make official batch_OM_CANTIS model. It is dedicated to use the CANTIS module in batch controled conditions.
  • Introduce a new remote connection to Meso@LRcluster in Montpellier.

What's new in VSoil 20200330 (version from 30 Mars 2020)

  • Make official bioturbation_CD and root_water_uptake_alpha modules.
  • Update some modules to manage grid change (interpolate of profile outputs).
  • Rename module forced_geochemistry to geochemistry_neutral.
  • The new save frequency "after nb iterations" replaces "save each validate".
  • Improve runtime performance of some modules and vsoil utility functions.
  • Introduce "-O3" and "-03 -march=native" compiler profiles (vectorization).
  • Introduce a new CPU management for parallel run to improve multiple concurrent jobs on the same computer.

Modification date : 19 February 2024 | Publication date : 20 July 2021 | Redactor : the VSoil team