The VSoil team is composed of:

  • the scientific team:
    • Stéphane Ruy (scientific leader of the VSoil project)
    • Nicolas Beudez (scientific computing engineer)

The scientific team is responsible for the scientific management of the VSoil project. The development team is in charge of developing and maintaining the platform.

You can contact us using:

  • the above-mentioned emails and phone numbers;
  • if you have a general question concerning the VSoil project (scientific question, is VSoil adapted to your requirements?, etc.). All members of the VSoil team (scientific and development teams) will receive your email;
  • if you have a technical question concerning the VSoil software (how to use a functionality offered by VSoil, problem in coding a module, you face a bug, etc.). All members of the VSoil team except the scientific leader of the project (Stéphane Ruy) will receive your email.

A Discord server is available for the VSoil user community. You can ask questions and share with other users. Our team is also often online. We can answer on bugs reports and proposal of new features. Click this link and view the application (if installed) or your web browser.

Modification date: 17 June 2024 | Publication date: 12 May 2014 | By: the VSoil team